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  • Did you miss the Conference? 
    Watch the prerecorded Keynote and Breakout Sessions

    The Family Involvement Conference offers a variety of online breakout sessions linked to our theme of Developing Resilient Kids and supporting the emotional wellbeing of the children in your care.

    The Keynote Presentation and all Breakout Sessions will be prerecorded for you to watch at your convenience, December 1-3, 2021. Enjoy as many breakout sessions as you choose.

    On the morning of December 4, from 9am-12pm, you will have the opportunity to engage in up to six live discussions with the presenters of the Breakout Sessions. Live discussions will be based upon information shared in the prerecorded sessions. To get the  most out of these live sessions, participants are strongly encouraged to watch the corresponding prerecorded Breakout Sessions.


  • Digging Deeper: Q&A with Erin Walsh

    Take advantage of time with our keynote speaker to discuss strategies for understanding and navigating stress in your child.

  • The Connection Between Issues of Equity and Stress in Students

    Explore the connections between inequities and stress in your child. Participants will discover strategies that can be used at home to reduce stress and empower students simultaneously.

  • En Español: El ABC para Promover tu Bienestar Emocional

    El bienestar emocional es una prioridad. En esta sesion la consejera Maria Winters compartira 3 cosas que podemos incluir en nuestras vida diaria para promover nuestro binestar emocional. (English) Our emotional wellness is a priority. In this session, licensed clinical professional counselor, Maria Winters, will share three things we can include in our daily life to pomote our emotional wellbeing.

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  • A Few Words on Trauma: Practical Strategies from Parents and Students

    This session will share voices from parents, students, and educators on the basic strategies they have used to successfully support youth experiencing the effects of trauma. The live online session will offer an opportunity for questions and answers as well as some basic de-escalating strategies for when things get stormy.

  • Finding your Rhythm with Positive Affirmations

    Our attempt to return to “normal” can be filled with great uncertainty and stress. We are constantly looking for ways to reduce these moments and find a rhythm. How do we navigate these difficult moments? Our focus should center on what we can control and look for ways to influence. And most importantly, ignore the things we can’t control. Helping our students by accenting positives, teaching them to identify areas of control, and supporting them through their struggles can be critical to their success. This session will provide tools to help you and your family find your rhythm.

  • Leading Elementary Students to Organizational Independence

    As students are returning to the classroom and attending school daily, we want to ensure that all of our students are organized at school and at home. You will learn how to assist your child with their supplies and materials that are brought to and from school. Learning and practicing good habits today will help your student develop organizational skills they will use well beyond elementary school.

  • Lowering College Application Stress

    This session will provide resources for parents and students who are curious about the college application process. Topics will include application requirements/materials, websites to find a major of interest, how to narrow down your college search, and websites to use when applying to colleges.

  • Mindful Kids: The Parents Edition

    These days kids are facing more and more stress and stimuli. Mindfulness can support emotional regulation and increase empathy. In this workshop, you will learn what mindfulness is, some easy techniques to do with your kids at all ages, and some resources for further learning opportunities. Practicing mindfulness daily is believed to help children with stress resilience and can assist them in improved learning, behavior, and empathy.

  • Post-Pandemic Growth: Boosting Wellbeing During a Difficult Time

    Explore how your family can thrive during a challenging time. Participants will leave with quick and easy strategies to implement at home to boost well-being, resilience and growth.

  • Reducing Stress Through Physical Activity

    Explore the benefits of physical activity and how movement can reduce stress in a student's daily life. Participants will walk away with techniques such as mindful minute exercises and physical activity options that can easily be implemented at school and at home.

  • Resilience and How it Works

    In this session, we will look at what resilience is, how we can build resilience skills in ourselves, how we can foster resilience in others, and the science behind resilience. Resilience is a measure of how well we recover and move forward after a setback or challenge. Resilience can be developed and enhanced throughout our lives.

  • Self Care During Impossible Times

    As we try to live normally in abnormal times, it's important to keep a pulse on our body's somatic response to external stress. Self care involves a deliberate, intentional, and active mindset to promote health and wellness, prevent disease, and encourage positive coping. Start today with a few ways to get started on a fresh and feasible approach to self care.

  • Using the Five Restorative Questions At Home

    The Five Restorative Questions are being used in many of our schools, from elementary through high school. They are a great parenting tool for you to use with your own children after a conflict. This session will teach you the questions, provide some tips on using each one, and show examples of AACPS staff using them with their very own children!

  • The Words we use Make Such a Difference

    Have you heard the comment, "It's not what you say, it's how you say it?" Well, this is mostly's both! What you say and how you say it impacts how you connect with others (children and adults), build relationships, and get the outcome you want! In this session, you will practice positive communication strategies that will create nurturing, productive conversations and connections.