• Communicating with Your School Nurse

    Parents/Guardians - Keep Your School Nurse Up-to-date:


    1. Be sure to inform your school nurse about your child’s health conditions or other special health needs in order to plan for safe management at school. Chronic health conditions include, but are not limited to, asthma, seizures, diabetes or life threatening allergies.


    1. Tell your school nurse if your child’s health condition interferes with school attendance.


    1. Make sure to tell your school nurse about medications and medical treatments your child requires during the school day. If a medication is needed during the school day, a PRAM MUST be filled out by the Doctor and Parent (even for over the counter medications). All medications must be brought in by an adult to the health room. Parents are always welcome to personally administer medication to their child in the health room on an occasional basis.


    1. Tell your school nurse about any changes in your child’s health or mobility status, or about any infectious disease. Please keep the health room informed of any activity limitations (crutches/braces etc…) so we may plan accordingly for activities.


    When Do I Keep My Child Home From School?

    (Although no comprehensive list is possible, the following conditions may be appropriate reasons to keep a student home from school)

    Temperature 100° or greater                     Suspected fracture

    Vomiting, diarrhea                                       Severe pain

    Shortness of breath, wheezing                 Undiagnosed rash

    Abdominal pain                                            Productive cough and fever

    Red, draining eyes                                       Suspected communicable disease

    Chest pain                                                     Head injury

    Earache                                                         Adverse medication effect

    Nuisance condition not currently treated e.g., ringworm, scabies, head lice


    Any questions or health related concerns? Please contact your

    school nurse, Allison Holly, RN and Karen Miller, HA at 410-451-9778.