• Procedures for Picking Up Students that are Car Riders


    In an effort to improve the efficiency and safety of the daily dismissal of students’ who are car riders, the dismissal procedures listed below will be followed.  We ask for your cooperation so that dismissal runs smoothly and safely.  Please note: The definition of a student car rider is a student who is being picked up by an individual that is waiting in the car rider line.  Students’ whose ride is parked on the street or in the school parking lot and are walking to the car, will be considered walkers and will be dismissed with the walkers.


    1. Adults picking up students at the end of the school day will be allowed to line up their vehicle on the right side of the drop off and pick up lane in the parking lot from 2:40 PM until dismissal is completed. Cars should pull forward as far as possible to accommodate the large number of cars.


    1. The driver must remain in the car. This is to allow for a smooth exit once dismissal begins and for a quick exit if there is an emergency.


    1. On the first day, a staff member will come to each car and write down the name of the student being picked up and give the parent a laminated card with a number on it. This card should be displayed on the rearview mirror during dismissal throughout the year.  If a different car is used, simply transfer the card to the other vehicle.  If you are unable to transfer the card, a staff member will ask the driver for the dismissal number.


    1. At 2:55 PM, students who are car riders will be called to the gym for dismissal where they will be supervised by staff until their ride is here and their name is called.


    1. If you have a kindergartener and a sibling that are car riders, the kindergarteners will be escorted to the gym where they will meet their sibling and wait to be called to the car rider line. Parents picking up kindergarteners and siblings should wait in the main car rider line in front of the building.


    1. If you have only a kindergartener that is a car rider (no sibling pick up) you will pick them up in the Kindergarten drop off and pick up area near the kindergarten entrance in the back of the building.


    1. Students will be dismissed from the gym to walk to the car rider line. Staff members will supervise students getting into cars.


    1. Depending on the volume of cars, the line may spill out onto the driveway and onto Tilghman Drive. Please do not block the driveway entrance or the crosswalks. Also, please leave room for two-way traffic on the driveway so cars can exit.


    1. If you have other business in the school, besides picking up a student, please park in the front parking lot and enter the building through the front door and main office.


    1. If you are picking up your student and choose not to wait in your vehicle in line in the driveway, please park in the parking lot and walk over to the front of the building. These students will be dismissed as walkers.


    1. Please do not confuse your students by telling them they are car riders so they will be dismissed early. Car riders will be in the cafeteria waiting for their car number to be called.   


    1. Please remember, anytime you enter the school you must sign in (with picture ID) in the main office.



    Thanks for your cooperation!