Office of Workforce Diversity

  • In 2007 the AACPS Board of Education adopted a new five-year strategic plan. The plan contained 5 core categories with equity infused in each of the goals.  The Office of Workforce Diversity was established in December 2008 to support Goal III of the strategic plan (Workforce Quality) which stated the following:

    Anne Arundel County Public Schools will ensure and maintain a work environment of respect and mutual collaboration by attracting and retaining a quality work force that demonstrates a commitment to providing a positive learning environment, values diversity, and reflects the diversity of the county and the relative labor market.

    Workforce Diversity remains an integral component of the AACPS strategic plan. The Office of Workforce Diversity works closely with the Division of Recruitment and Staffing as well as other departments to develop innovative strategies to increase the recruitment and retention of underrepresented groups throughout all employment units.

    To accomplish this goal, we also seek to develop partnerships with:

    Colleges and universities
    Community groups
    The business community
    Employee resource groups, and
    Professional organizations that serve diverse communities

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    Awards & Recognition

    In May 2018, AACPS was selected as the recipient of the James W. Rouse Excellence in Diversity Award in the category of Education Employer in recognition of several of our diversity initiatives. The James W. Rouse Diversity Award is presented annually by the Chesapeake Human Resources Association to a local organization that best exemplifies an attitude and environment of acceptance and inclusion. 

     Jame W Rouse Diversity Award - Glass Award

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    Shineaca A. McKenzie

    Workforce Diversity Specialist