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Middle School Students
  • Service-Learning in AACPS Elementary and Middle Schools is conducted in an interdisciplinary manner. They facilitate opportunities for students to serve their community using the content and skills they learn in their language arts classes, math classes, art classes, and more! This page was designed for teachers, interdisciplinary teams, and school leaders to use in their service-learning assessments and decisions. It provides tools and resources to engage our 5th grade and middle school students in dynamic service-learning experiences. AACPS students earn 5 hours of service learning in 5th grade. Students must earn 30 hours of service-learning (10 per grade level) during their middle school years. Many of our schools collaborate with Chesapeake Connections to fulfill the students' 6th grade service learning hours. Planning and monitoring of these hours ensures high school initiates with stewardship.

    Curricular infusion is critical to the success of service-learning. This collection of websites was designed to help teachers consider service infusion. Bridging connections to other content areas through interdisciplinary projects brings service-learning to life.


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Engaging projects and exemplars