Celebrating Our Community--four photos of diverse community members sitting with students and volunteering

Celebrating Our Community

  • Families and volunteers are essential partners in our students' education. From setting the foundation for learning at home to giving their time and talents in the classroom to advocating for their children in the school building, we depend on the AACPS community to prepare our students for college, careers, and community. 


Tools & Resources

  • Planning a celebration? Take advantage of local and national opportunities throughout the year to help you celebrate the special people in your school or office. Click on the heading below for links to resources, templates, and toolkits. 

  • Celebrating Family Engagement

    Family Engagement in AACPS

    We know that family involvement is an important indicator of students' long-term success. Whether working with a parent, grandparent, or other community member, AACPS strives to actively engage families in all areas of their students' education. 

    AACPS Office of School & Family Partnerships

    Volunteering in AACPS

    Grandparents' Day

    Created to honor grandparents, Grandparents' Day provides an opportunity to invite grandparents into the school building and celebrate the knowledge and strength students can learn from their grandparents. 

    Grandparents Day Activity Ideas

    National Parent Involvement Day

    National Parent Involvement Day was created to recognize the impact parents and caregivers have on their children's success in school. Take advantage of this national event and celebrate the parents in your school community!

    National Parent Involvement Day Information

    PTA Founders Day

    Parent Teacher Associations (PTA) give families a voice in their children's education. PTA Founders Day celebrates over 120 years of National PTA history and encourages schools to celebrate the families and staff who support their local PTA. 

    Anne Arundel Council of PTAs

    Celebrate PTA Founders Day

  • Volunteer Appreciation

    Volunteer Appreciation

    Every year, AACPS welcomes over 17,000 volunteers who support students and staff throughout the school system. Volunteer Appreciation Week provides an opportunity to recognize these dedicated members of our community and give thanks for the work they do. 

    Volunteering in AACPS

    AACPS Board of Education Volunteer of the Month

Tell Us About Someone Special in AACPS

  • The Faces of AACPS is an online storytelling campaign designed to celebrate the people who make our school system special. 

    Do you know someone in AACPS worth celebrating? Tell us about them! We'll share your story online and through AACPS social media.