Due to the temporary closure of schools due to COVID-19, Summer Programs will be online this summer.  Registration for the online Summer Programs will be open beginning Monday, May 18, 2020.


    Summer Programs are mandatory instructional components of grades 9, 10, and 11 in both the STEM and STEM-BMAH High School Magnet Programs. These programs are grade level specific and are designed to introduce students to specific concepts that they will utilize in high school and throughout their professional careers. Diving into these concepts allows students to begin building their own foundation of skill sets prior to the beginning of the school year. These foundations then become metaphorical tools that students have in their toolboxes which can be used to solve challenges and create opportunities throughout their STEM journey and in the real world. In addition, Summer Programs allow us to introduce students to the STEM Values and empower our students to apply these values to impact the lives of others in a real way.


    Summer 2020 Dates for ALL STEM Magnet High School students are as follows:  

    Incoming 9th graders: Dates and topics are posted on the Summer Programs for Incoming Grade 9 Students page.

    STEP UP TO STEM:  Please select ONLY 1 week.  These programs will be held online:

    • July 20-23 
    • July 27-30 
    • August 3-6 

    **Additionally, there is an OPTIONAL Academic Readiness session for incoming 9th grade STEM students.  Students can choose from 1 of the sessions:

    • June 22-25 
    • July 6-9 


    Incoming 10th graders:  STEM Summit on Design Thinking:  These will be online self-paced courses.  Your school's magnet Department Chair will be contacting families via email shortly with details.