Summer Programs

  • Summer Programs are mandatory instructional components of grades 9, 10, and 11 in both the STEM and STEM-BMAH High School Magnet Programs. These programs are grade level specific and are designed to introduce students to specific concepts that they will utilize in high school and throughout their professional careers. Diving into these concepts allows students to begin building their own foundation of skill sets prior to the beginning of the school year. These foundations then become metaphorical tools that students have in their toolboxes which can be used to solve challenges and create opportunities throughout their STEM journey and in the real world. In addition, Summer Programs allow us to introduce students to the STEM Values and empower our students to apply these values to impact the lives of others in a real way.



  • Is STEP-UP to STEM mandatory?

    Yes - in order for students to receive their STEM Diploma upon graduating high school, they must have completed their Step-Up to STEM Program when entering 9th grade.

  • I know the program that I wanted is full - do you keep waitlists for programs which are full?

    At this time, the system does not support a platform to keep running waitlists.

  • The program that I am trying to enroll in does not appear on the list when I go to register. What does that mean?

    This means the program has already reached capacity - you will have to select another program. We have no way of adding additional students to programs that have already reached capacity.

  • Do you offer transportation to the summer program location?

    Transportation is provided from the "home STEM school" to the offsite location where the summer program is offered. It is the parent or guardian's responsibility to transport their student to and from the "home STEM school."

    IMPORTANT: If the program is taking place at your "home STEM school" please arrive at the school no later than 8:45 AM. *Home STEM School: The school at which you will be attending the STEM or STEM- BMAH Magnet Program.

  • I think I registered for more than one program - how do I delete my other selection?

    You can only register for one program. The system records the program that you last registered for.

  • I want my student to participate in a program that is only with students at the school of which they will be attending. How do I go about doing this?

    This is not possible - we promote comradery at both a school and county level. The Step-Up to STEM Programs offered are open to incoming 9th grade magnet students at North County, South River, and Glen Burnie High Schools.

  • What materials do I need to bring with me/send with my student.

    All students should bring a writing utensil, a notebook, and a bagged lunch with them. Materials which are program specific will be communicated to parents by the program instructor.

  • Are Step-Up to STEM Programs free?

    Most of the programs are FREE! However, there are a few which have a small fee attached to the. Those programs have the fee amount noted on the description.

  • My student has a doctor's appointment during one of the days of the Step-Up to STEM Program he selected. How do I excuse his absence?

    Students must be present all eight days of their Step-Up to STEM Program. As your student registers for Step-Up to STEM Programs in advance, doctor’s appointments and other obligations should be rescheduled as to not conflict with summer programs. If the obligation cannot be rescheduled, please log back into the magnet application and select a different Step-Up to STEM Program.