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Classes available to Meade Students

  • This booklet contains important information about the courses offered at Meade High School and selection process for the coming school year. Should you have a question please check with a Meade School Counselor. 
    * You will receive your course selection materials in class, January 8th, 2nd period - please be present in class 
    * Review your graduation requirements 
    * Review your Academic Plan and Transcript 
     *Read the course descriptions in the Program of Study found on the School Counseling page to determine what courses you would like to take 
    * Review your selected choices with your parent/guardian 
    * Attain all necessary signatures
    * Return Course Selection Materials, with all necessary paperwork (partial request/aide forms) to complete your schedule to Mrs. Cullum in School          Counseling BEFORE Friday, January 11th. 
    * Additional paperwork can be picked up in the School Counseling hallway; ECAP, Partial Day Request, Student Aide forms.
     *During the month of February, counselors will begin to meet with students by English class to discuss their choices and make any necessary changes. 
    --Counselors will not meet with students or parents prior to this time about scheduling. Any students who are absent during their appointment time will be seen at a later date.  --
    * Return Course Verification Form with any changes to Mrs. Cullum BEFORE February 28th.
    Meade Rigor: Every student takes at least one Honors, Advanced Placement (AP), and/or IB Diploma class prior to graduation. 
    MATH – Minimum level of expertise - Algebra 2 
    Science - Minimum level of expertise – Chemistry 
    Social Studies - Minimum level of expertise – Fourth credit in Honor, AP or IB Diploma World & Classical Languages - Minimum level of expertise – Level 3 or higher 
    Electives need to be those of rigor in the core curriculum's or students should be building up to the third level in an elective area where rigor is rewarded as an Honors level course.
    In the five core curricula there are many honors level courses to choose from, as well as AP and IB Diploma courses. As an IB World School, all 9th and 10th graders are part of the IB Middle Years Programme. It is expected that students take courses in the 5 MYP subject areas of English, social studies, science, mathematics, and world and classical languages. Regarding their WCL course, students are expected to continue the second language that they started in middle school if it is offered here at Meade High School through at least 10th grade. 
    Additionally, students must take at least 1 course each year in the following MYP subject areas: the arts, physical and health education, or tech ed. 
    Ideally, students would take a course in all three of these MYP subject areas in both 9th and 10th grade in order to have the most well-rounded educational experience possible.