• I have work restrictions. What procedure should I follow?

    Your doctor must complete the appropriate Return to Work Authorization form on this page. If you have been on leave, you must submit the form before you return to work. You will be informed whether your restrictions can be accommodated at your work location. You may not return before you receive authorization from your supervisor and/or the IDLM office.

  • My doctor said I can return to work, but I cannot do all of my duties. Can I work with restrictions?

    If you have restrictions, you must receive approval to return to work. Your doctor may be asked to complete a form that outlines the nature and duration of your limitations. We will communicate with your supervisor to determine whether you can safely and effectively perform your essential duties with your restrictions.

    If your restrictions are permanent, you may be asked to work with your doctor to complete reasonable accommodation forms. These forms provide information to help us determine whether we can make changes to the way the job is normally done, that will allow you to work.

    Occasionally, permanent restrictions cannot be accommodated. We will work with you to determine whether you are qualified for another job, or if you may need to separate from AACPS.