• Mentoring/Support

    The L.E.E.D.S program (which stands for Linking Educators to Ensure Development & Success) is a voluntary support program for diverse educators new to AACPS. Participants are assigned a mentor who provides support and guidance for the new employee.

    Workshops/Professional Development

    The LEEDS Professional Development series was established in 2018 and provides quarterly workshops for diverse educators new to our school system. These paid professional development sessions provide teachers with an opportunity to:

    • Gain valuable information to help navigate there first year with AACPS
    • Connect with diverse educators from across the county
    • Reflect on their personal experiences in our schools; and discuss the importance of diversity & inclusion within AACPS

    Networking Socials

    The Office of Workforce Diversity host regular networking socials to provide our diverse educators with an opportunities to connect with colleagues outside of the classroom. These networking events are a great way for our newer teachers to form relationships with other educators from across the county. Our networking socials also provide teachers with the opportunity to interact with AACPS Executive Staff members who typically serve as guest speakers during these events.