2020-2021 Teacher of the Year Selection Committee*

  • Katrina Griffin

    Katrina Griffin, Teacher

    2016 AACPS Teacher of the Year

  • Dr. Zipporah Miller

    Dr. Ziporrah Miller, Director
    Organizational Learning

  • Picture of Kristy Snyder, Selection Committee Member

    Kristy Snyder, Principal

    Glendale Elementary School

  • Allison Heintz

    Allison Heintz, Teacher
    Cape St. Claire Elementary

  • Vanessa Rivera

    Vanessa Rivera

    Council of PTAs (AACo)

  • Eugene Whiting

    Eugene Whiting, Principal
    MacArthur Middle School

  • Dwight Jefferson

    Dwight Jefferson, Principal
    Chesapeake Science Point

  • Jose Rose, principal of CAT-South

    Joe Rose, Principal

    Center of Applied Technology

  • Nuria Williams

    Nuria Williams, Director

    Office of School Performance

  • *Any judge who has worked with a nominee in the last three years is recused from judging that nominee.