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    The Folger Kindergarten Team:

    Ms. Collins - ocollins@aacps.org

    Ms. Hudson - mehudson@aacps.org

    Ms. Gates - agates@aacps.org

    Ms. Mebane - tmebane@aacps.org

    Ms. Souder - masouder@aacps.org


    Mrs. Kobus (TA)

    Mr. Pierce (TA)

    Mrs. Rosenbaum (TA)



    Kindergarten is an exciting time for our students, full of wonder and learning!  The journey our school's youngest learners will take includes literacy (reading and writing), math, social, studies and science.  



     A variety of learning blocks are incorporated in the kindergarten daily schedule to meet the needs of all our readers and writers.

    • Foundational Literacy: AACPS uses two different literacy skills programs Fountas & Pinnell Phonics, Spelling and Word Study System and Wilson Fundations. Both programs are aligned to the Common Core State Standards.
    • Guided Reading and Literacy Centers: Students meet in small groups to receive direct instruction from their teacher and are provided with experiences to practice skills taught during other parts of the day
    • Shared Reading: a reading opportunity that helps builds a community of readers. Students will read a variety of big books and poems with the teacher. 
    • Explicit Comprehension: provides students with skills and strategies they use to understand grade level texts.
    • Interactive Read Aloud: daily opportunity to interact with complex books
    • Writers Workshop: The Units of Study for Writing Curriculum is used to teach Writer’s Workshop .During Writer’s Workshop, students engage in a short lesson in which teachers model a new skill or strategy prior to giving students the opportunity to try it out in their independent writing.



    • Finds and names Shapes
    • Identifies Shapes
    • Positional Words
    • Identifies, Compares, analyzes, and constructs 2D and 3D shapes
    • Counts objects in a set 1-20 when asked “how many?”
    • Counts to 100 by ones starting at a given number
    • Fluently adds and subtracts within 5
    • Solves addition and subtraction word problems within 10
    • Able to compose and decompose numbers using to ten ones and some further ones
    • Decompose numbers 1-10


    Social Studies

    • Becoming a Community of Learners
    • Understanding Myself and Others
    • Becoming a Citizen



    • Weather & Sky
    • Moving Right Along
    • Our Earth, Our Home
    • Exploring Matter
    • Plants
    • Animals​
    • Trees are Terrific


    Field Trip

    • Down's Park for Environmental Literacy