Celebration Toolkit

  • Looking for resources to elevate the celebrations in your school, team, department or office? Our toolkit curates links and resources to empower you to approach your next celebration strategically. 

Making the Case to Celebrate

  • In our busy world, taking the time to celebrate can feel like a luxury we don't have; but recognizing the work of our students and colleagues is an important part of building a positive culture in our school or workplace. Here are a few short articles to remind you (and those you work with) why celebration is important.

Planning Your Celebration

  • Paper with pencil Whether you're celebrating a single event or creating an action plan for the school year, our Celebration Plan Template can help!


Join the Celebrations

  • Calendar with star There are local and national celebrations throughout the year to recognize the people in our school systems. Align your celebration with these Special Dates to take advantage of pre-made templates, tools, and resources that can be easily adapted for your team.