Celebrating Our Educators--four photos of teachers with students in AACPS classrooms.

Celebrating our AACPS Educators

  • There are thousands of teachers across AACPS working to prepare our students for independence and success in college, career, and the community. Let them know how much their work is appreciated.

Tools & Resources

  • Planning a celebration? Take advantage of local and national opportunities throughout the year to help celebrate the special people in your school or office. Click on the heading below for links to resources, templates, and toolkits. 

  • American Education Week

    American Education Week celebrates public education and the individuals who are dedicated to ensuring our students succeed. The National Education Association (NEA) offers templates, videos, schedules and other resources from the National Education Association to help you plan and celebrate the educators in your school.

    NEA Campaign Website

    Our Schools, Our Future

    Hosted by AACPS in partnership with the 21st Century Education Foundation, Our Schools, Our Future is an optional fundraiser that provides an opportunity for you to engage the support of your school community to fund school-wide initiatives that align with the AACPS Strategic Plan. Through the Our School, Our Future: Fall Giving Campaign, 100% of your community's tax-deductible gifts will come back to your school.

    Campaign Website 

    Our Schools, Our Future Toolkit (available to AACPS Employees only)

  • Teacher Appreciation Day/Week

    Teacher Appreciation Week is a week-long celebration to recognize the dedication of the teachers in and out of the classroom who support our students. 

    AACPS Thank-A-Teacher Campaign

    Send a Thank-A-Gram to your favorite teacher, share a story about a great educator, or make a donation in honor of a past or present teacher to the school of your choice. 

    National PTA Toolkit 

    The National Parent Teacher Association (PTA) provides resources to for parents and community members to make the most of Teacher Appreciation Week.

    NEA Teacher Appreciation Day

    The National Education Association (NEA) website offers templates and resources to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day, which takes place during Teacher Appreciation Week. 

  • Teacher of the Year

    The Annual Excellence in Education Teacher of the Year Program recognizes outstanding public and independent school teachers in Anne Arundel County. Get your school involved in one of the biggest celebrations of the year by nominating an educator who you believe should be our next Teacher of the Year. Nominations are accepted each Fall. 

    Teacher of the Year Website

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Tell Us About Someone Special in AACPS

  • The Faces of AACPS is an online storytelling campaign designed to celebrate the people who make our school system special. 

    Do you know someone in AACPS worth celebrating? Tell us about them! We'll share your story online and through AACPS social media. 

Meet Our Employees

  • The Faces of AACPS--three photographs of diverse employees

    Read stories from and about the educators that make our school system #AACPSAwesome.