Equity Lead

  • The Equity Lead (EL) is a school based employee who is selected by the principal with input from the Leadership Team.

    There is one Equity Lead in each of our schools and special educational centers.

    Our Equity Leads are:

    • committed to the work of Equitable Practices and Eliminating the Achievement and Opportunity Gap
    • skilled in planning and delivering professional development
    • viewed as a leader by his/her peers
    • an advocate for all children
    • a self-starter
    • highly effective in delivering instruction 

     Our Equity Leads:

    • participate as a member of the School Improvement Team (SIT) and often the Leadership Team
    • assist in analyzing data by student groups to support school improvement efforts and equitable practices
    • participate in quarterly professional development sessions designed to increase their capacity and skills to support their school in elevating all students and eliminating all gaps
    • provide leadership in establishing school-wide professional development goals and initiatives
    • will lead an Equity Team to ensure the work of equitable practices are being implemented across grade levels and content areas
    • will facilitate parent involvement opportunities that educates and empowers parents in how they can support equitable practices


EL Spotlight

  • Our Equity Leads and schools are doing amazing things in the name of Equity. We will continue to shine a spotlight on our champions of Equity and share resources and ideas countywide.