School Support

  • The Office of Equity and Accelerated Student Achievement (OEASA) provides support to all schools in Anne Arundel County. This support comes in a wide variety of ways as OEASA works to ensure that All Means All in AACPS. 

    Academic Achievement for ALL (AAA)

    Academic Achievement for All (AAA) funds are allocated to schools who wish to demonstrate an intentional focus on becoming equicentric.


    Districtwide Conferences

    Unlocking Our Potential - Annual conference presented by AACPS to embrace the mindset that ALL children can learn at the highest levels; learn from national experts and each other on how to unlock our own potential and the potential of all our students, and provide schools with the opportunity to network and plan specific ways to lead ALL of their students to new and greater heights

    New Teacher and Intern Orientations- OEASA works with future teachers and those new to AACPS by providing an overview of equitable pracitices, an explanation of why equity matters, and how every teacher is responsible for ensuring that "All Means All" for all Arundel County students.


Leadership Support

  • Principal Meeting Support

    OEASA is a standing agenda item on all level principals meetings.  During principal meetings, an overview of the early dismissal equity professional development is previewed for principals.  Additionally, professional development is provided to help building leaders build their capacity around Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (PSEL) Standard 3: Equity, which states:

    Effective educational leaders strive for equity of educational opportunity and culturally responsive practices to promote each student’s academic success and well-being.

    Collaboration with Central Offices

    OEASA works closely with all offices and departments within AACPS to use an equity lens in evaluating the programs, procedures, and curriculum. Some examples of our current work include:

    • Curriculum and Instruction (C&I): OEASA has partnered with C&I in writing and evaluating all pre-K - 12 curriculum. During the summer, OEASA provides Equity Leads to work with Curriculum writers and assist in the creation of curriculum. This partnership continues with bi-weekly meetings to re-evaluate and re-assess what is being taught and how it is being delivered.
    • Buidling Equity Stamina Training (BEST): A four part anti-bias/antiracist training series designed and delivered by OEASA to help educators and leaders examine systems using an equity lens for their specific spheres of influence for systemic change
    • Professional Growth and Development (PGD): OEASA works closely to develop and deliver professional development that is equity minded to all AACPS employees.
    • Human Resources (HR): OEASA partners with HR to diversify hires and examine hiring practices within AACPS through the lens of equity.
    • School Librarians: OEASA teams with school librarians to integrate Social Justice Teaching Standards into our schools' libaries. 
    • Student Support Services: OEASA frequently collaborates with Student Support Services on meeting the social and emotional learning needs of all AACPS students.

Professional Development

  • Early Dismissal Modules

    Each school year, Anne Arundel County Public schools dedicates four two-hour early dismissal days of professional development for all faculty and staff with an equity theme. The OEASA team plans, creates, and trains Equity Leads to deliver these professional development modules based on the unique needs of each school. Module topics have included strategies for mitigating implicit bias, culturally relevant teaching, and using an Equity Lens, amongst other topics. Principals and Equity Leads have access to all of the equity modules and can work with OEASA to determine which modules will meet their needs.

    Additional Offerings

    In addition to the four Equity Early Dismissal Modules provided to all AACPS employees, OEASA offers Professional Development throughout the course of the year. OEASA provides PD in anti-bias/anti-racist (ABAR) practices, using an equity lens to anyalzye systems and structures, models equitable practices, and frequently partners with local and national consultants to bring in their expertise to AACPS' educators.

    This past year, some of the educational equity experts OEASA has partnered with include:

    • Matt Kay, Teacher and Author of National Bestseller: Not Light But Fire 
    • Dr. Paul Gorski, Equity Literacy Institute
    • Shauna King, King Professional Development
    • Dr. Shaun Woodley, Teach, Hustle, Inspire Educators Academy
    • Kenneth M. Smith, NBCT, 2018 Washington Post Teacher of the Year
    • Dr. LaMarr Darnell Shields, The Cambio Group, Johns Hopkins University
    • Cornelius Minor, Author, Educator, and Staff Developer
    • Dr. Edna Olive, Founder and Director of ROCKET Inc
    • Dr. Tracey Benson, Author,  Anti-Racist Leadership Institute founder

    To See Current Professional Development Options please go to Unified Talent and search Equity and look for OEASA delivered PD to be offered throughout the year.