• How will my son or daughter be graded in the MYP?

    For most projects and tests, students will be graded on an MYP rubric. While these are provided to us from IB, teachers can adapt them to make rubrics specific to the task students are completing. The rubrics provide feedback to students; since they are used to the rubrics in each class and they do not change over the two years at Meade, it allows them to see their own growth in each subject.


    Though the rubrics used may be different from a traditional grade, teachers must report grades in alignment with the Anne Arundel County Public Schools grading policy. Currently, teachers use the MYP conversion chart to convert the rubric scores earned into percentage grades:

    Chart showing conversion relationship between IB MYP scores, percentages, and letter grades.


    Assessment in the IB MYP

    Assessment looks different in an IB World School than a traditional high school. The video below was created to help deepen families' understanding of what makes MYP assessment different. Please watch the video and complete the google survey to share any questions you would like answered. We will update the Frequently Asked Questions periodically.