• AVID Proven Achievement. Lifelong Advantage. Figure of a person throwing a graduation cap in the air.  

    AVID (Advancement via Individual Determination) is an academic elective that prepares students for college readiness and success. During class, students participate in activities that incorporate strategies focused on writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization, and reading (WICOR) to support their academic growth.  Students receive instruction in marking the text, the Focused Note-Taking Process of studying, and conduct research projects exploring college and career opportunities. In addition, students set goals, monitor grades, evaluate their progress meeting said goals, and reflect on the learning that occurs in core classes by completing learning logs.  Students routinely participate in Socratic Seminars, Philosophical Chairs, and tutorials (student groups that involve inquiry). Furthermore, students participate in relational capacity activities (teambuilding) and motivational activities as well as writing and speaking activities to strengthen their ability to collaborate and communicate with others.  



  • Severn River Middle School
    241 Peninsula Farm Road
    Arnold, MD 21012

    Stacy Kearns
    AVID Site Coordinator