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    MMS Program Overview

    AVID is an accelerated academic encore course comprised of over 280 students. Interested students apply and participate in the AVID interview process from which selections are made based on the AVID criteria and available spots.
    AVID is designed to provide academic support to students “in the middle” in order to prepare them for eligibility to four-year colleges and universities. During the AVID elective, students focus on writing, reading, inquiry, collaboration and organization while engaging in higher level thinking, relational capacity and college exploration. AVID students are mentored on their academic strengths and weaknesses and facilitate small group tutorials with their peers.

    Marley Middle has the highest percentage of students enrolled in AVID (in AACPS) -- nearly 30%
    90% of current Marley Middle AVID students have been in AVID for more than 1 year
    All staff members at MMS receive AVID strategies, training and support throughout the year

    How to get involved with Marley Middle School's AVID Program

    Help prepare students for college! AVID tutors NEEDED!

    • Facilitate a small group of students during the school day as they work through problems from math, science, social studies and English classes.
    • You do not need to be an expert on any subject. Your main goal is to help them use their textbooks, notes and each other as resources.
    • You are not acting as a typical “tutor.” You are serving as an adult facilitator of the tutorial process.
    • Training is provided and scheduling is flexible. 
    • If you are interested in volunteering as an AVID Tutor please contact Mrs. Bethany Siwajek at bsiwajek@aacps.org.


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