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     Program Overview at Central Middle

    Please click HERE to access our Central Middle School AVID Website for more information about our program. 

    AVID is an academic encore class comprised of over 160 students. Interested students apply and participate in the AVID interview process from which selections are made based on the AVID criteria and available spots.

    AVID is designed to provide academic support to students “in the middle” in order to prepare them for eligibility to four-year colleges and universities. During the AVID elective, students focus on writing, reading, inquiry, collaboration, and organization while engaging in higher-level thinking, teambuilding, and college exploration. AVID students are mentored on their academic strengths and weaknesses.  Additionally, students facilitate small group tutorials with their peers.

    Featured Events Salisbury University Tour-students with Sammy the Seagull mascot

    Traditionally, AVID students visit colleges each year as one of the goals of AVID is to expose the students to a variety of college options.

    AVID 6th Graders traditionally attend Arlington Echo's Initiative and Confidence course.  They develop relationships through taking risks, showing respect, and demonstrating responsibility while participating in mental and physical challenges.  In the spring, they visit a college.

    Our 7th graders traditionally visit the United States Naval Academy in the fall and St. Mary's College of Maryland in the spring.

    Our 8th graders traditionally tour Salisbury University in the fall and the University of Delaware in the spring. 

  • Older AVID students help younger students with binders AVID teachers-Mrs. Grasso and Ms. Chapman


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