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    AVID is an academic support class comprised of over 150 students. Interested students must apply and participate in the AVID interview process. Selections are made based on the AVID criteria and available spots.
    AVID is designed to provide academic support to students “in the middle” in order to prepare them for eligibility to four-year colleges and universities. During the AVID elective, students focus on writing, reading, inquiry, collaboration and organization while engaging in higher level thinking, teambuilding and college exploration. AVID students are mentored on their academic strengths and challenges and participate in small group tutorials with their peers.

    "I am the parent of a child who is enrolled in the AVID program.  I think there are skills associated with being a more successful student that not all children intuitively have.  Our daughter, who loves organization, did not apply her organizational skills in school.  She has been in the AVID program for over a year now.  It is here where she has learned to organize her binder, clear out her binder of unnecessary paperwork and receives help during tutorials from her fellow students with some unsolvable problems from another class (e.g. a difficult math problem).  She has also learned how to take Cornell notes which has improved her ability to take notes in all classes.  AVID has been a benefit to our child." -Amy Holloway

     "My daughter was a solid B student in 5th grade.  Her 5th grade teacher recommended AVID to help her motivation and organization.  After just the first year of AVID, she was getting almost all A’s and she continued to improve and excel in all of her classes.  She finished middle school with 2 high school classes completed and she is taking Honors and AP classes in high school.  She continues to use her organizational and problem solving skills to succeed and she is very motivated.  I firmly believe AVID gave her the tools she needed to become a successful student and I have no doubt she will go on to college and continue to excel." -Sandy Vogel


  • Arundel Middle School
    1179 Hammond Lane
    Odenton, MD 21113
    (410) 674-6900

    Jim Donnelly
    AVID Site Coordinator

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