• AVID Proven Achievement. Lifelong Advantage. Figure of a person throwing a graduation cap in the air. Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID)

    Program Overview
     is an academic program designed to prepare highly motivated students who are performing in the academic middle, for a rigorous course of study that will enable them to meet requirements for 4-year university enrollment.

    AVID is an encore course offered to students in grades 6–8. In order to take the AVID elective course, students must apply, interview, and be accepted into the AVID Program.

    Students who are accepted commit to maintaining a schedule that includes:

    • advanced courses,
    • excellent behavior,
    • a good attendance record, and
    • maintenance of good grades in all classes

    The AVID elective program provides a strong, relevant writing and reading curriculum, study skills, assistance with organization, time management, tutoring, as well as college and career exploration.

    Arundel Middle School currently offers 8 sections of AVID, serving approximately 150 students.  During the AVID elective classes, students focus on writing, reading, inquiry, collaboration and organization while engaging in higher level thinking, team building activities, as well as career and college exploration assignments. AVID students can participate in small group tutorials with their peers during Flexible Learning hours.

    The Arundel Middle School AVID Club takes place on Mondays and Thursdays!  During AVID Club, students help select and participate in relational capacity activites to facilite positive peer relations.  

      The For information on applying to our AVID program, please visit the: 

    Arundel MS AVID Recruitment & Application Site


  • Arundel Middle School
    1179 Hammond Lane
    Odenton, MD 21113
    (410) 674-6900


    William Rothe
    AVID Site Coordinator


    Greg Norris
    AVID Elective Teacher


    George Lindley- Principal
    AVID Administrator






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