Private School Application Process



    *ALL schools require transcripts/record requests along with the teacher recommendations – if recommendations are emailed directly to teachers, the School Counseling office will still need to receive the request for transcripts.


    Once you register/create an account with the school, to which you are applying, you will then need to bring the following to the School Counseling office for processing:

    • Teacher Recommendation requests
    • Record/Transcript requests (signed by a parent/guardian)


    When we receive the request/recommendations we will distribute them to the appropriate teachers.  After the recommendations are completed they will be sent directly to the school(s) along with the academic records. 


    If the requests are online:

    Teacher recommendations should be emailed to the teachers directly and, please, email/call Mrs. Coleman to let her know which teachers to follow up with.


    Please allow at least 7 days to process requests.




    If you have any questions:

    Cindy Coleman

    (410) 956-5800