Maryland Integrated Science Assessment (MISA)

  • The Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) has developed practice tests to provide supervisors, teachers, students, and parents an opportunity to become familiar with the structure, layout, and tools that will be available on the Maryland Integrated Science Assessment (MISA). Maryland State Department of Education MISA Descriptive Material

    What is MISA?

    MISA are science assessments in Grade 5, 8 and High School. These assessments provide educators, parents, and the public with information on student progress towards science literacy.

    What is Alt-MISA?

    The Alternate Maryland Integrated Science Assessment (Alt-MISA), also known as Dynamic Learning Maps (DLM), is designed for students with the most significant cognitive disabilities for whom the general education science assessment (MISA) is not appropriate, even with accommodations. Maryland State Department of Education Alt-MISA Descriptive Material

    For more information, please click the following links:

    Grade 5 MISA

    Grade 8 MISA

    High School MISA and Practice Tests


    The Practice test is only one session at this point, therefore it is not a complete form. This Practice test is intended to enable supervisors, teachers, and students to become familiar with the new online platform, the online tools, and some of the Technology Enhanced item types that will appear on the new assessment. There are a paper and large print versions available for download from the site as well as a link and logins for the online versions. There is a login for the version with the ASL videos and a login for a version with No ASL videos. The link to the No ASL video online assessment also includes the accommodated form which has the TTS ability.