• AACPS school classrooms, labs, fields, courts, offices, and communities will be the locations where this Strategic Plan comes to life. To achieve success over the next five years, leaders and their teams across the district will need to select strategies that best leverage our resources – people, time, location/space, materials, and equipment. Indicators with associated high-level strategy action steps that will support us in elevating all students and eliminating all gaps can be found on the metrics page. Strategies aligned to our indicators and our driving values are offered to staff and stakeholders as levers for positive change.  
  • We will provide schools and offices professional development to guide our leaders and staff to understand, embrace, and work within the framework of this Strategic Plan. Support will include a research-based, best-practice list of strategies aligned by value and indicator. Guidance will be offered to school leaders and office supervisors on how to strategically select strategies that leverage your employee strengths and other resources so that positive growth can be realized.