• Transportation To and From Magnet Programs--Update as of August 20, 2019

    If you have questions about buses or busstops, please call the Transportation Office at 410-923-7890.

    Bus stops for accepted Magnet students to their Magnet school will be consolidated and may not be located within ordinary walking distances. Almost all consolidated bus stops will be at local elementary schools, middle schools, or libraries. Parents/guardians will be required to transport students to the consolidated bus stop or to the Magnet School. (Exception: CAT North/CAT South students will be picked up from and returned to their home school within the regular school day).

    Note: A list of consolidated stops is published by the Division of Transportation on August 20, 2019.  Any questions about Magnet busstops should be directed to the Transportation Office.  



  • Kevin J. Hamlin, PhD
    Director, Magnet Programs

    Joseph Wieczorek [vye CHO rek], PhD
    Teacher Specialist, Magnet Programs (BMAH, IB, PVA, STEM)