2019 Business Partners of the Year

  • Under 50 Employees

    New Life Addiction Counseling & Mental Health Services, Nominted by Northeast High School

    New Life Addiction Counseling and Mental Health Services has been committed to helping Northeast High School use education in the fight against the opioid crisis. Partnering with the school’s Human Performance Signature Program, New Life organized classroom visits from key business partners who could help students better understand the opioid crisis and how it was impacting their own community. Read more.

    Over 50 Employees

    United States Coast Guard Yard Structural Group, Nominated by the AACPS Office of Career & Technology Internship Office

    The US Coast Guard Yard Structural Group has supported career and technology education in AACPS for more than two decades. Whether they are attending open houses, visiting classrooms, or organizing field trips, members of the Yard work closely with the Centers of Applied Technology to excite students and families about the opportunities available through technical and trade careers. Read more.

Business Partner of the Year

  • AACPS is committed to preparing students for college, career, and community by providing experiences inside the classroom and beyond the classroom walls. We depend on community business partners to ensure our students have opportunities to explore their personal interests, engage in unique learning experiences, and interact with professional from a variety of career fields. 

    The annual Business Partner of the Year Award honors local business that have forged critical partnerships with schools across the county that directly benefit AACPS' 83,000 students. Each year, AACPS recognizes a large (over 50 employees) and small (under 50 employees) business.