• AMS Dragon Hour

    Dragon Hour is an opportunity for students to work with their teachers to get extra help, complete make-up assignments, or work on extension projects.  Dragon Hour takes place from 3:15pm-4:15pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Students should make arrangements with their teachers when planning to stay after school. 

    See below to find out which teachers offer Dragon Hour help on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays.  When a student stays after school with a teacher, that teacher will provide an activity bus pass which the student must present to the activity bus driver.


    Teacher's Last Name Dragon Hour Day
    Adams Tuesdays
    Boston Tuesdays
    Brother Thursdays
    Carpenter Thursdays
    Casolo Tuesdays
    Cooper Thursdays
    Coté Thursdays
    Crabtree Tuesdays
    Crowhurst Tuesdays
    Cuevas Tuesdays
    Deafenbaugh  Tuesdays
    Diaz Thursdays
    Dieringer Tuesdays
    Engman Tuesdays
    Ernest Tuesdays
    Fontanez Tuesdays
    Fournier Thursdays
    Francis Thursdays
    Frankenfield Thursdays (Except Jan./Feb which will be Tuesdays.)
    Frazier Thursdays
    Freedenburg Tuesdays
    Garman Tuesdays
    Guarniere Tuesdays
    Harris Thursdays
    Henry Tuesdays
    Heravi Tuesdays
    Johnson (New Science 6)  Thursdays
    Kuethe Tuesdays
    Lee Tuesdays
    Lemos Tuesdays & Thursdays
    Lord Thursdays
    Ludlam Thursdays
    Marcinkiewicz Thursdays
    Martino Tuesdays
    McDermott Tuesdays
    McDonald Tuesdays
    McGuire Thursdays
    McMahon, R.  Thursdays
    Michalski Tuesdays
    Milburn Thursdays
    Miller Tuesdays
    Mincy Tuesdays
    Moore, B. Tuesdays
    Moore, D.  Tuesdays & Thursdays
    Morris Tuesdays & Thursdays
    Murphy Thursdays
    Norris Tuesdays & Thursdays
    Opperhauser Tuesdays
    Painter Tuesdays
    Personale Tuesdays
    Philbeck Tuesdays
    Pinzon Tuesdays
    Robinson, Kyle Thursdays
    Robinson, Mary Tuesdays
    Robinson, Sheila Thursdays
    Ruff Tuesdays
    Rupp Tuesdays
    Saunders Tuesdays
    Schlegel Tuesdays
    Schmidt Thursdays
    Sellman Tuesdays
    Shannon-Taurisano Tuesdays
    Sowinski Thursdays
    Veith Tuesdays
    Voss Tuesdays
    Wayment Tuesdays
    Wilson Tuesdays
    Zimbro Tuesdays & Thursdays