Volunteer Information Page


    SPMS PTO administers a Sign-Up Genius site which shows various volunteer opportunities.  Below is the link to the Membership Toolkit.  Please sign on to the Toolkit (or make an account) and follow the Volunteer link.






    Thank you so much for sharing your time to enhance the SPMS school community!  Your contribution makes a tremendous difference and is greatly appreciated!


    All volunteers are required to have a successful completion of a commercial background check and must review the County’s sexual harassment and child abuse PowerPoint before volunteering.  After viewing the PowerPoint, complete the form and return to the front office at SPMS.  The link below will give you access to both the online background check as well at the sexual harassment video.  



    A fingerprint supported background check MUST be completed for any parent(s) going on an overnight field trip and any parent who will have unsupervised access to students.  Contact the Fingerprinting Office at 410-222-5045 to set up an appointment.  Each applicant is provided with a Fingerprint Verification Card which is good for life. Please provide a copy of the card to the front office to keep on file as SPMS.  The card should be kept with the applicant while on school grounds and should be shown to an administrator upon request.  Please keep in mind, the fingerprinting must be administered by Anne Arundel County Public Schools.  We thank you in advance for helping our continued quest in keeping SPMS a safe and secure environment.  


    We ask that you please keep the following in mind:

    • Always check in with the main office, get your badge from Raptor Security Software, and sign in on the volunteer sign-in sheet before going to your volunteer assignment. 
    • As a volunteer, discretion is vital.  While in the school, you may see and hear things that require the utmost discretion and confidentiality.  You are both a volunteer, representing the parent community, and an extension of the school.  Please be professional and discreet and do not discuss or share anything that is seen or overheard while working at school.  Do not take photos of the children while you are volunteering unless you have cleared it with the teacher who has checked the “Do not Photograph” list. 
    • Maintain office professionalism.  If you must take a call (on your cell phone), please make every effort to keep the conversation brief and volume appropriate.  Please be courteous to others and maintain focus on the volunteer task at hand. 
    • If you are unable to fulfill your commitment at the last minute, please contact the volunteer chairperson and the school office at 410-647-7900.


    If you have questions, concerns or suggestions, we welcome your feedback!  cfortman@aacps.org


    Thank you, once again, for sharing your time and talents to help and better the environment for both the staff and students at SPMS!