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  • Mission Statement

    The mission of Marley Glen School is to provide a collaborative approach that promotes the students’ education and independence in school, at home, in the community and vocational setting.


    Vision Statement

    Marley Glen School is where:

    • All students are actively participating in the learning process.
    • Ongoing staff development is provided to all staff to meet the unique needs of all students.
    • Staff, students, and families openly communicate with respect, dignity, and kindness to maintain a positive relationship.
    • Education occurs in a safe, clean, inviting facility with up to date technology and equipment.
    • All students will achieve maximum independence through expanding old ideas and exploring new ideas.
    • Staff, families and community celebrate all students’ successes and efforts.
    • Collaboration occurs to meet the needs of all students and families.


    Value Statement

    We are committed to:

    • Teaching independence in all environments in preparation for a least restrictive environment
    • Working as a team with staff, parents, community, care providers, and transportation agencies to meet all students needs
    • Keeping current with best instructional practices; the most current technology
    • Maintaining open and honest, effective communication with families and staff
    • Integrating students into the community for the purpose of accessing community resources and vocational training
    • Connecting services to students and families
    • Executing ideas/goals/changes with efficiency
    • Celebrating student, family, and staff efforts; and
    • Treating students, families, and staff with respect and dignity




























    Making A Difference Day by Day...