• Taking Action

    A tennet of the Middle Years Programme is service as action. Students have opportunities to take action by participating in hands-on activities and service opportunities in the school community and beyond. 

    While studying invasive species in Biology, student engage in a Biodiversity project in which they study their school community environment and propose solutions. 

    Furthermore, teachers are passionate about explosing students to opportunities outside of the classroom walls. Derived from their units of inquiry, teachers plan opportunities to take students on learning experiences in our surrounding community. For instance, while reading Night or The Book Thief and exploring World War II, students visit the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC. This hands-on learning experience asks them to question "What strategies can be used to step in to prevent human rights violations?" and "To what extent is it the responsibility of the individual to prevent human rights violations?". 

    Holocaust window


    History teachers make connections to their study of government by visiting and meeting with their local politicians in Annapolis to better understand state governance. During their visit, they continue to explore the inquiry questions from the unit by asking themselves: "How do governments create equity?" and "How does government structure affect how power is organized?".
    Note that learning experiences in the community may vary annually depending on availability of local venues and curriculum changes. 


  • Ms. Jennifer Quinn
    IB Diploma & Career-related Programmes Coordinator