• Interdisciplinary Opportunities

    Younger learners often make connections naturally between different areas of knowledge, in order to understand the world around them. In some cases, this is because they have not yet been socialized into the disciplinary perspectives that organize the academic world.

    Even though secondary education usefully organizes learning into disciplinary compartments as a response to increasing specialization, our ever-changing world also demands education that empowers people to integrate disciplines in novel and creative ways.

    As knowledge and information multiply, critical thinkers must successfully integrate disciplinary perspectives to understand complex issues and ideas. 

    At Meade High School, teachers try to make authentic connections in their classrooms. Additionally, in each year of the programme, students participate in one interdisciplinary unit in which they are assessed on one summative assessment between the two classes, often a project or performance task, that both teachers assess. 


  • Ms. Jennifer Quinn
    IB Diploma & Career-related Programmes Coordinator