Course Overviews

  • Within the MYP programme, there are six required subjects in which students enroll. Below you will find an overview of all courses in the MYP with accompanying links to additional resources.


    In the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme, students develop through creating, performing and presenting arts in ways that engage and convey feelings, experiences and ideas. It is through this practice that students acquire new skills and master those skills developed in prior learning. Students have opportunities to function as artists, as well as learners of the arts. 

    At Meade High School, MYP art courses we offer are Foundations of Studio Art and Photo and Digital Process, as well as Dance 1, Dance 2, and Dance for Athletes. 

    IB Subject Brief: Arts


    As part of the Middle Years Programme (MYP), design challenges all students to:

    • apply practical and creative thinking skills to solve design problems
    • explore the role of design in both historical and contemporary contexts
    • consider their responsibilities when making design decisions and taking action. 

    MYP design focuses a holistic design process rather than final products and solutions.

    At Meade High School, students in 9th grade enroll in Foundations of Technology 1 and in 10th grade take Foundations of Technology 2. 

    IB Subject Brief: Design

    Individuals and societies

    Individuals and societies incorporates disciplines traditionally studied in the humanities, as well as disciplines in the social sciences. 

    In this subject group, students collect, describe and analyse data used in studies of societies, test hypotheses, and learn how to interpret complex information, including original source material.

    This focus on real-world examples, research and analysis is an essential aspect of the subject group.

    At Meade High School, students enroll in leveled US History in grade 9 and US Government in grade 10.

    IB Subject Brief: Individuals and societies

    Language acquisition

    The study of additional languages in the Middle Years Programme (MYP) provides students with the opportunity to develop insights into the features, processes and craft of language and the concept of culture, and to realize that there are diverse ways of living, viewing and behaving in the world.

    At Meade High School, we are proud to offer students to continue in their language of study from middle school or enroll for the first time in one of the following languages:

    • Spanish
    • French
    • Chinese
    • American Sign Language*

    IB Subject Brief: Language acquisition

    Language and literature

    All IB programmes value language as central to the development of critical thinking, which is essential for cultivating intercultural understanding and responsible membership in local, national and global communities.

    Language is integral to exploring and sustaining personal development and cultural identity, and provides an intellectual framework that supports the construction of conceptual understanding.

    As MYP students interact with a range of texts, they generate insight into moral, social, economic, political, cultural and environmental domains. They continually grow in their abilities to form opinions, make decisions, and reason ethically—all key attributes of an IB learner.

    At Meade High School, our language and literature English courses are leveled by standard and honors in grades 9 and 10. 

    IB Subject Brief: Language and literature


    Mathematics in the MYP promotes both inquiry and application, helping students to develop problem solving techniques that transcend the discipline and that are useful in the world beyond school.

    The MYP mathematics framework encompasses number, algebra, geometry and trigonometry, statistics and probability.

    Students in the MYP learn how to represent information, to explore and model situations, and to find solutions to familiar and unfamiliar problems. These are skills that are useful in a wide range of arenas, including social sciences and the arts.

    At Meade High School, we support students continuing in their course of studies from middle school, offering enrollment in the following courses, which is depend on prerequisites: Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2.

    IB Subject Brief: Mathematics

    Physical and Health Education (PHE) 

    In the MYP, physical and health education empowers students to understand and appreciate the value of being physically active and to develop the motivation for making healthy life choices. 

    Physical and health education focuses on both learning about and learning through physical activity.

    Both dimensions help students to develop approaches to learning (ATL) skills across the curriculum.

    MYP physical and health education courses must engage students in physical education activities for at least half of the total teaching time allocated to the subject group.

    At Meade High School, students have some choice over which PHE courses they enroll in. We offer Fitness for Life, Team Sports, and Stretching for Wellness to allow a variety of ways students can explore being physically active and making healthy life choices.

    IB Subject Brief: Physical and health education


    The Middle Years Programme (MYP) sciences framework encourages students to investigate issues through research, observation and experimentation, working independently and collaboratively.

    As they investigate real examples of science application, students will discover the tensions and dependencies between science and morality, ethics, culture, economics, politics, and the environment.

    At Meade High School, students in grades 9 and 10 can enroll in leveled courses for Environmental Science, Biology, and Chemistry. 

    IB Subject Brief: Science


  • Ms. Jennifer Quinn
    IB Diploma & Career-related Programmes Coordinator