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  • AACPS Resource Page

    The ARC of Central Maryland                                                                                              Provides programs & services to those with I/DD of any age & in any stage of their lives. 

    Autism Society of America                                                                                                   Education, diagnosis education, family, resource lists, etc.                                  

    Rise for Autism                                                                                                                   Resources, Interventions, Supports, and Education for all individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders

    Pathfinders for Autism                                                                                                Works to support and improve the lives of individuals affected by autism through expansive, individualized programming, and by providing resources, training, information and activities free of charge

    Autism Speaks                                                                                                                    Autism Speaks is dedicated to promoting solutions, across the spectrum and throughout the life span, for the needs of people with autism and their families

    We Rock the Spectrum                                                                                                     Gym with specilized equipment that is specifically designed for children of varying abilities with sensory processing disorders

    National Institute on Developmental Delays                                                              Large number of programs, services and information sources available.

    Bay Area CPR                                                                                                                       Offers personalized CPR traning for individuals & groups

    Furnace Branch Barbershop                                                                                            Chris is amazing with special needs kids

    HouseCuts                                                                                                                          Provides in home hair cutting and styling services to individuals with special needs who are unable to visit traditional salons

    Pediatric Dental Specialists                                                                                           Pediatric dentists uniquely qualified to treat children with special needs.

    Vernon Pediatric Dentistry                                                                                            Pediatric dentists treating children with special needs.

    Dr. Harvey & Associates, PC                                                                                         Our Federick office is wheelchair and gurney accessible. Patients never have to be moved into an office chair.

    WBAL Kids Campaign                                                                                               Promotes, fosters, encourages, supports and sponsors various activities for the general educational, vocational, recreational, civic and social improvement and betterment of young.

    Summer Camps                                                                                                                    Camp resource for special needs children in Maryland

    Chuck-E-Cheese                                                                                                              Offers sensory sensitive play days on the first Sunday of the month

    Beyond the Ballroom                                                                                                   Therapeutic and recreational services take the joy of dancing outside the reaches of ballrooms, to YOU!

    Maryland Family Network                                                                                           Special needs childcare

    Maryland Learning Links                                                                                            Special needs childcare

    Maryland Dept. of Health Resource Locator                                                              Resource locator for doctors, dentists, respite care, etc.

    Baltimore's Child Magazine                                                                                             Special needs recreation resource

    Special Needs Resource Project                                                                          Comprehensive list of resources

    The American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD)                           The American Association of People with Disabilities is the nation's largest disability rights organization

    Maryland Develomental Disabilities                                                                Advocacy, Childcare, Employment, Resources

    United Healthcare Children's Foundation                                                                 Our mission is to improve children’s lives and help families gain access to the care they need through medical grants

    First Hand Foundation                                                                                                           A funding resource for Assistive Technology.

    The Ability Experience                                                                                               Members of Pi Kappa Phi support their local communities through the construction of wheelchair ramps for families and individuals that would not otherwise be able to afford it

    Joni & Friends                                                                                                                     Accepts wheelchair donations

    ABILITY Corps                                                                                                           Creating a world of inclusion and awareness for people with disabilities – through art, media, housing, employment, and volunteer opportunities

    If I Need Help                                                                                                              Personal wearable scan codes that link to a live profile. The profile can be updated in real time and can be emailed to others when a search is needed. 

    National Respite Locator Service                                                                                List of Respite provider links nationwide. Focuses on respite care for families of special needs children

    Jessica's Heart                                                                                                              Jessie’s Heart supports the financial needs of the families whose children have heart disease