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    Pre-Kindergarten registration begins on:               February 9, 2021                                                         for the 2021-2022 school year. 



    The overall goal of Pre-Kindgergarten is to provide learning experiences to help children develop and maintain skills, knowledge, and behaviors necessary to be successful in school.

    Pre-Kindergarten is a non-mandated program funded by the state.  Opportunities to attend are based on the economic need of the student and other Maryland State Department of Education criteria (English Language Learners, children with a current IEP or IFSP, students with health or family emergencies that impact school readiness).

    Principals at Pre-Kindergarten sites will assign students to categories following system-wide criteria.  Applications will be evaluated and parents will be notified in August of acceptance or placement on a waiting list.

    Parents may apply to multiple Pre-Kindergarten programs to increase their student's chance of acceptance. 

    Students must be 4 years old as of September 1st of the current school year.                                                             


    Transportation is not provided to Pre-Kindergarten students attending Marley Glen School.


    Before and after care is not provided at Marley Glen School.


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    Registration:                                        Chris Ritz

    Pre-K Teachers:                                Kathy Moyer                                   

    Pre-K Para-Educators:                    Teresa Crawford