• Odenton Elem. Arrival and Dismissal Reminders 

    Thank you for all that you do to help keep our arrival and dismissal procedures consistent to ensure the safety

    and security of all students, staff and parents. 

    BUS LANE RESTRICTIONS: Cars are not permitted to pass a bus parked in the bus lane, therefore, cars may NOT use the bus lane between 8:45 - 9:30 a.m. and 3:15 - 4:15 p.m. Parents taking students to Open Door will have to park in the parking lot after 8:45. Parents picking up students for early dismissal between 3:15 and 4:00 should park at Nichols Bethel Church (in the lot with the dumpsters) or St. Joseph's Church (see below).

    PLEASE NOTE: Vehicles should NEVER be parked in the fire lane on the bus loop, with the exception of school buses attended by drivers.

    We are thankful for the partnerships we have with both St. Joseph’s and Nichols Bethel churches.  It is important that we respect their requests for the use of their lots:

    Nichols Bethel Church (Located behind the school on Annapolis Rd.)

    • Please do not park in the area directly behind the church (closest to our playground). It is for Pre-School drop-off and pick-up.
    • Parking (even during school hours) should be in the lower lot (where the dumpsters are located).
    • Please be respectful to the needs of the church in case of special events/services during the school day that might impact our ability to use the lot.

    St. Joseph’s Church (Located across Odenton Rd. from the school)

    • Please only park in the marked spots for pick–up and drop-off. Do not park in the driveways.
    • The Odenton Road driveway is only an entrance. You will see new markings to give directions for entering and exiting the lot. Drivers should exit through Gill Street or Rita Drive only.
    • Students should not ride bikes/scooters through the lot. They should walk carefully when using the church parking lot and pay careful attention to cars.
    • Always be respectful to St. Joseph’s staff.

    OES Parking Lot Routines

    AM (9:10-9:30) Students getting breakfast may enter the building at 9:10. All other students enter after 9:15. Students are late if they are not in their classrooms by 9:35.

    • Please pull all the way up to the adult on duty when dropping off a student. Staff members are on duty to help students in the parking lot and move cars through the line.
    • Please do not get out of your car in the entrance lane.  If you would like to get out and walk in with your student, please park in a space.  It is a safety hazard to cross between cars.
    • Parents do not need to help the students out of the car when an adult is on duty. Please stay in your car.
    • We only use one lane for arrival – please only use the right lane for arrival and do not try to pass in the left lane.

    PM (Dismissal begins at 4:00 p.m.)

    • Please do not enter the driveway if the car line has reached the crosswalk at Odenton Rd. Our busses cannot enter if vehicles are in the crosswalk. Please pull to the shoulder on Odenton Rd. until space opens up below the crosswalk.
    • Please be considerate of guests leaving the building before 3:45 – we want visitors to be able to leave before dismissal starts.
    • Please display your name tag so that staff can quickly put students in cars. If you do not have one, please let the office know.
    • Pull all the way up in both lanes so that we can keep cars from backing up on Odenton Road as much as possible.
    • Please DO NOT PULL AROUND cars in the lot unless a staff member has directed you to do so. We have a number of staff members trying to get students to cars safely – we are moving in between cars with students – it is a safety risk to have drivers pulling around without direction.
    • Students should not approach cars without an adult escort. Please remind your student that even if he/she sees you, an adult MUST accompany the student to the car.
    • We ask that all visitors treat staff members and other visitors with respect. Please refrain from using your horn, and use kind language to communicate with others.

    ALWAYS contact the office when there is a dismissal plan change.  Make sure we know if someone different will be picking up a student  Please ask them to be prepared to show ID when asked in the car line.