How do we become the teachers that inspire great connections in the world through great connections in our classroom?

Selecting a Nominee

  • The AACPS Teacher of the Year recognizes teachers who exemplify all that a student, parent, and administrator would want to see in a teacher. As you can see from the stories of our past nominees, it's a high bar and we have many deserving teachers in our schools who should be considered this year. 

Tips for Writing A Recommendation Letter

  • The Principal’s Recommendation Letter is a critical component of nomination package. When writing your recommendation (500 words maximum), you may want to include:

    • Anecdotes demonstrating the teacher’s effectiveness in the classroom;
    • Testimonials/quotes from students, staff, families, or other community members;
    • Evidence of the teacher’s impact and commitment to the school community;
    • Description of a student’s experience in this teacher’s classroom.

    We recommended preparing your recommendation in a Word document and then copying the text into this form.

    To submit a Principal's Recommendation Letter, please click here.

    Please note: 
    The deadline for Principal Recommendations has passed. Principal's Recommendations are NOT being accepted at this time. 



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     For questions about the Teacher of the Year selection process or awards ceremony:

    Carol Ann McCurdy
    Director of Partnerships, Development & Marketing