STEM 8 students participate in STEM Field Experiences that connect learning to STEM career pathways of the future.  We do offer 8th graders in the STEM Middle School Program an opportunity to learn about the STEM High School Magnet offerings.  We do offer field experiences and other opportunities for students to learn and reflect on real world STEM applications.

    This school year, STEM Magnet staff will guide students to examine the world around them and how they can use their STEM skills and talents to make an impact. Students will work in virtual teams to establish goals that they are passionate about and create awareness through website design, podcasts, and/or virtual learning platforms.


    Field Experiences allow STEM students to create friendships that last a lifetime while collecting and analyzing data in STEM fields.

    Two girls stand together holding large pumpkins in front of a school bus as other students board the bus.      Two boys pet a baby pig as they write down notes about the pig and its mother.