Highlights and News

  • January 2021

    Central Middle School STEM 8 Changemakers - COVID Connections -Writing letters to patients and health care workers affected by COVID creates a ripple efffect for local community students to get involved. Morgan Bortz member of COVID Connections shows his table filled with his Changemaker group's created cards that went on to inspire his neighborhood to join in.

    Student standing with two thumbs up in front of a table filled with colorful cards for healthcare workers and patients of COV


    December 2020

    Mission 14 winning project, “How Does Microgravity Affect the Germination of Thyme?” was developed by STEM 8 students from Central Middle School, Abigail Ippolito, Ella Lovelace, Mary-Cate Parks, and Natalie Wolf under the direction of their science teacher, Margaret Sieber.  This experiment launches on December 5th to the International Space Station!  Link to Space X Launch


    Four students in orange STEM shirts stand at a table with science materials preparing an experiment.


    November 2020 

    Congratulations Central Middle School Student Leaders in Math on participation in the American Mathematics Competition 8!

    STEM 6 Saturday with Hands on Electronics for Youth SpiderBot Gears and Motors STEM Workshop.

    Screen display grid of 25 students showing their blue spider bots to the camera.


    October 2020 - October 12th Magnet Applications Open!! Apply for STEM! CMS STEM Info Presentation

    STEM Students are on their way with STEM Saturday fun, virtual classroom projects, and exciting guest speakers!

    STEM 8 Mission 14 Club preparing experiment for ISS by viewing ISS Expedition 63 In-Flight Education Event with ISS Commander   


    Boy sits at kitchen table showing the bread he baked with three bread loaves in the picture.


    Empathy and Mindfulness STEM Student Project


    September 2020 - Welcome Back to School!

    STEM 7 Students design a backyard State Park in the "Create Your Own State Park Challenge" from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources!

    STEM student girl holds a certificate of achievement next to her state park sign that she created in her back yard.


    August 2020

    STEM Students showcase STEM Summer Camp fun with a student coded Arcade game!

    Acracade game picture of a pixel pizza ad student created game controller.



    July 2020

    STEM Students prepare for Virtual STEM Summer Camps with a little help from school administrators who are modeling in the picture the Debug the Virus STEM Strong shirts STEM students received for their hard work during the 2020 virtual learning platform.

    Two administrators wear masks and COVID 19 STEM Strong T-shirts prepared to help students pick up their school materials.


    June 2020 eLearning

    Congratulations to our STEM 8 Class of 2020 on their Changemaker STEM Middle School journey!

     Students work with water stewards at St. Luke's to replant trees.


    May 2020 eLearning

    CMS Students participate in Virtual Field Experiences and Connect to STEM Careers through Discovery Education Discovery Education Virtual Changemakers 


    April 2020 eLearning  

    STEM 6 Student Celebrates Earth Day 2020  - Video: Earth Day & Tinker Time


    March 2020

    Two Central Middle STEM students earned Second Place in the Vehicle Performance category in this year's SeaGlide Challenge.  For this event, Sean Win and David Quintal had to build an autonomous underwater robot and then program it using Arduino.  These STEM students were the only middle school team to participate, along with 9 high school teams.  Congratulations goes out to these two students and to their advisor and coach, Mr. Rob King!  To learn more about the SeaGlide Challenge, please visit http://www.phillynavalstem.com.   

    Two boys in orange shirts holding second place SeaGlide trophy.   Two boys and a man standing together in an indoor football field.   The back of two boys in orange shirts sitting beside a pool with nets forming a path in the water.


    February 2020


    Central Middle School students celebrate "Girls in Enginneering" at Collins Aerospace in Annapolis, MD.

    Twelve girls pose for a picture at Collins Aerospace to celebrate Girls in Engineering Day.

    January 2020

    Central Middle School STEM 6 student, Arnav Bali, wins first place in the Martin Luther King Jr. Visionary Kids Contest for Outstanding Video in Artistic Expression.

    STEM 6 student holds award on a stage with Martin Luther King Poster in the background for his winning video.

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    Central Middle School's STEM program allows for students to take a deep dive into subjects that include Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.  Our STEM students use real world experiences to understand how STEM is an interactive system that helps to solve real world problems.  Radical curiousity is nurtured along with values that include empathy and integrity as students use critical thinking skills in a collaborative student centered environment.


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