8th Grade STEM Banner

Grade 8

  • Eighth Grade STEM students become Changemakers by utilizing what they have learned about the STEM Values to create a positive impact either locally or globally.  All STEM 8th grade students choose a topic that they are passionate about and work collaboratively in small groups to bring about a positive change. This capstone opportunity is a challenge that our STEM 8 students work through during the academic 8th grade year. Teachers and mentors support each Changemaker groups' ideas as they progress towards action steps, impacts, and reflections. To learn more about what it is to be a Changemaker visit Ashoka Everyone a Changemaker.

    STEM 8th grade students are required to actively participate in:

    • STEM Saturdays - working collaboratively on their Changemaker Projects
    • Field Experiences - during the school day
    • School Clubs (for at least a semester)
    • STEM Competitions
    • STEM Cohort Lessons - (Through Science and Language Arts)