Raising Charitable Children

  • We all say that all we want is for our children to be happy, but what every parent (family member, teacher, volunteer etc.) really wants is for their children to be responsible, generous, loving, kind, thoughtful, and happy. These traits must be nurtured within kids by the caring adults in their lives. 

    That's why there's you--and Raising Charitable Children

    An easy-reading how-to guide for introducing children of all ages to charity and volunteering, Raising Charitable Children is packed with practical advice and inspiration, real-life stories of friends and family who have made philanthropy a fun, rewarding part of a child's life. 

About the Author

  • Carol Weisman Carol Weisman, president of Board Builders is an internationally recognized expert on philanthropy, fundraising and non-profit governance. Her 9th book is Transforming Ordinary People into Fundraising Superheroes... Even those who hate to ask. Her 10th book: Planned Giving Basics: The Why The Who and the How just hit the streets and Becoming One of the Grateful Dead: Where There is a Will, There's a Way is due out Nov. 1. She has promised to stop telling her husband that what she is working on is her last book.

    Raising Charitable Children, is in its third printing. It has been covered by The New York TimesParade MagazineParents Magazine and was the cover story of Scholastic Parent and ChildRead Carol's complete bio. 

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