Three girls put breadboard together while collaborating on circuits

               Student hold up plant to show the sensor that he built that determines if the plant needs water.  Students in the background.


    STEM 6th grade students are required to participate in three STEM Saturdays - one per marking quarter.  There is one additional STEM Saturday offered that is optional for students.  STEM Saturdays are extensions of classroom learning that challenge students with engineering design tasks, foster collaboration and creativity, and develop skills in problem solving.  

    STEM Saturdays will be a part of the middle school STEM experience for students and will be teacher and engineer-led programs and challenges.  STEM 6 students will experience Saturday STEM activities such as environmental literacy challenges and chemistry in the kitchen, to nationally sponsored contests and competitions such as 3M Young Scientist Challenge. STEM Saturday experiences provide middle school students time to showcase their talents and ideas in a low-risk supportive environment.