• Science Technology Engineering Mathematics with scientific and mathematical symbols Biomedical Allied Health Magnet High School Glen Burnie Transportation for rising 6th and 9th graders entering STEM and STEM/BMAH was posted by the Transportation Office in August. 

    STEM programs in Anne Arundel County offer challenging and engaging K-12 opportunities for students to become involved with the diverse fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. 

    The STEM Office provides and supports a wide range of STEM related educational opportunities, including the STEM Magnet Programs and BioMedical Allied Health Magnet School, which is a STEM magnet with the BioMedical focus. Since BMAH is a branch of STEM, students in BOTH magnets receive classes in Problem-Based Learning (called Medical Rounds in the BMAH magnet). With interdisciplinary opportunities both in and out of the classroom, the STEM Office is helping to encourage students to be critical and creative thinkers and risk-takers through hands-on interactions with technology.

    Together, we can help prepare our students to succeed in the STEM-driven 21st century!

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    Game board showing scientific and mathematical symbols representing STEM Values.                                        Lightbulbs with various mathematical and scientific images in them.     

    Elementary STEM Values                                           Middle/High STEM Values                                                                 


  • Dr. Kristina Gillmeister
    Coordinator of STEM/BMAH
    410-691-4334 X256, X257

    Timothy Johnson
    Teacher Specialist for STEM High Schools
    410-691-4344 X 256, X257

    Laura Pinto
    Teacher Specialist for STEM Middle Schools
    410-691-4344 X 256, X257