Early Childhood Intervention


    Group of children forming a heart with their hands.
    (Children sitting in a circle looking up with hands out together shaped like a heart)

    Early Childhood Special Education : AACPS has specialized classes throughout the county located in numerous elementary schools that house ECSE programs. The goal of an ECSE program is to provide intensive instruction in relatively small classes with a special education teacher, teacher assistant and speech language pathologist.  Children in these classes have moderate to severe delays and need to focus on basic language and cognitive concepts as building blocks for academic success later in life. ECSE programs run for approximately half of a school day with sessions in both the morning and afternoon.  Bus transportation is provided to and from school. Many schools with ECSE programs also have a pre-K class; these co-located classes provide an opportunity for children to engage in both environments.  For more information, contact the Early Childhood Special Education Specialists.

    LOCATE: Child Care is a Special Needs Service that is free to assist parents in locating licensed child care programs for children with special needs.  Call 1-800-261-0060 Monday through Friday between 8:30am and 4:00pm.  

    Para obtener referencias de proveedores licenciados por favor llame LOCATE: Child Care al 1-800-999-0120 o español@marylandfamilynetwork.org


  • Jean Raymond
    Birth to Five Program Manager

    Kristie Young
    ECSE Specialist

    The Resource Center at Point Pleasant
    1450 Furnace Avenue
    Glen Burnie, MD 21060