Volunteers @ Folger

  • Get Involved!

    We are appreciative for the support of volunteers who are called upon, as needed, to support instructional purposes and other school-based needs.  Folger has always valued and benefited from an active volunteer community.  We are grateful!

    IF/WHEN there is a classroom or school need for a volunteer, you will receive an email or post to participate.  NOT every class will have volunteer needs.  

    ALL volunteers must complete the volunteer background check process.    No exceptions will be granted.  Again, even if you volunteered in the past, this is required.  If you are not sure if you completed this process in the past, email Mrs. Ignacio in the main office.  Background checks are good for two years. 

    If you need to complete the background check, follow this link.  Please note, AACPS has changed the process a bit.  After completing the initial application, you will then receive an email directly from the security firm with the link to the required second portion of the application.  (You may need to check your spam/junk folder if you proceed with this process.)  There is no fee and both components of the online application do not require much time but BOTH pieces are needed.   

    If you have completed the AACPS fingerprint process,  you do not need to take the above step.  Fingerprinting includes the background check process and does not require renewal.

    ALL VOLUNTEERS are required to complete volunteer orientation, which consists of three components:  

    1.  AACPS required Sexual Harassment/Child Abuse video.  After viewing, please complete the required video verification form and return to school with your student, or email Mrs. Ignacio.  

    2.  Folger new volunteer orientation presentation.   

    3.  Mr. Kahn's volunteer presentation

    4.  Folger volunteer training video.  This video, presented by our school counselor, Mr. Kahn, corresponds to his orientation presentation.  

    Once these steps are followed, you're on  your way!  Volunteer opportunities may arise in your child's classroom, through PTO programs and events, field trips and much more.  Stay tuned for news from your child's teacher, the school and from the PTO.  

    The office will have a list of approved volunteers for the day as part of the check-in process.  This will be based upon classroom and building needs.  

    Whenever you volunteer, please be prepared with your license.  Again, even if your license was scanned in past years, there are steps we have to do again after the time that has passed.  

    Additionally, whenever you volunteer or attend a school event, please be mindful of phone and camera use.  Volunteers should not be taking photos of students.  Pictures from school that include students other than your own should not be posted on social media, unless you have permission from each parent.  We have MANY students who do not have such permission.  Thank you for  your understanding and cooperation.  

    We are grateful for the support of our volunteer community!