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    School Overview

    Overlook Elementary School became an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School in July 2017 and is officially authorized to offer the IB’s Primary Years Programme (PYP) to students in Grades Pre-K through 5. The school demonstrates its commitment to the PYP and continues to develop the required IB standards and practices, beliefs and values by using an action plan to ensure the ongoing development of the program. Overlook will prepare for their second IB evaluation in the year 2021, at which time the school will engage in a self study; a key element in the school's goal of sustained improvement. 

    Upcoming School Events

    Overlook Elementary School is involved in a variety of school events including the upcoming Winter Market on December 13th, 2018 and PYP Exhibition which will take place in May 2019.  Students are actively engage in their units of inquiry under the six(6) transdisciplinary themes; Who We Are, Where We Are In Place and TIme, How We Express Ourselves, How the World Works, How We Organize Ourselves and Sharing the Planet. Students inquire into key concepts while gaining new knowledge and skills and looking to take meaningful action. These student-initiated actions in the past involved Grade 3 students painting the storm drains around the school to inform the community about the pollution of the Cheseapeake Bay and Grade 5 students writing letters to the WWF supporting wildlife conservation and creating informational brochures about melonoma cancer and displaying them in school. 





    MYP at MacArthur Middle and Meade High School          

    MYP at MacArthur Middle School (grades 6-8)                 

    MYP at Meade High School (grade 9-10)


    DP at Meade High School

    DP at Mehttps://www.aacps.org/Page/6127ade High School (grades 11-12)