IB Policies at Hebron Harman

    • To be authorized as an IB World School, the school must develop and share will all stakeholders, policies that align the philosophy of the IB with school district guidelines. These documents are revised yearly.


      Please follow the links for Hebron Harman's policies:

      Inclusion Policy

      The Inclusion Policy describes how the school will meet the special educational needs of pupils. It reflects the requirements outlined by the county and the actual practice of the school.


      Academci Integrity Policy

      An integrity policy ensures that a school’s procedures are transparent, fair and consistent. It describes the rights and responsibilities of all members of the school community so that everyone understands what constitutes good practice, and misconduct, and what actions are to be taken if there are transgressions.


      Language Policy

      The Language Policy outlines how and why students learn at least one language in addition to their mother tongue and describes how the development and maintenance of the mother tongue for all learners is to be supported.


      Assessment Policy

      The Assessment Policy defines how, what and why we assess within the school community.



  • Stacey Komsa
    IB Teacher Specialist


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