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    Eastport Elementary nurtures students as caring, active participants in a lifelong journey of learning by promoting real world action, as well as student engagement and agency. 

    Through the PYP's inquiry-based, transdisciplinary framework, Eastport challenges students to become independent thinkers who take responsibility for their learning as they explore local and global issues and opportunities in real-life contexts.


    Eastport PYP Updates:

    The October Learner Profile Attribute of the Month is... Communicator!

     A student demonstrating specific Communicator behaviors will be awarded "Star Student" from each class, each week. See behaviors below to help remind students how to practice showing International Mindedness at Eastport Elementary School and at home!

    October 1st-5th: Effectively collaborate with others (Cooperate)

    • I will share ideas with my peers while using kind words.


    October 8th-12th: Willingly collaborate with others (Cooperate)

    • I will work with a partner or team.


    October 15th-19th: Express ideas and information creatively

    • I will share my thoughts and ideas with my peers by talking, working together on projects, or working by myself and sharing my ideas with others when I’m finished.


    October 21st-26th: Express ideas and information confidently

    • I will use a tall voice when I am speaking to others or sharing ideas.


    Quarter 1 Communicy Event... Coming Soon

    Do you want to learn more about the Primary Years Program?

    Do you want to see it in action?

    Join coodinator Stacey Komsa for a "Learn and Look"! Dates, Times, and Topics coming soon!