• Student Action

    The IB MYP offers students at Annapolis Middle a unique learning experience to help them build understanding of the concepts within the county's curricula.  Three elements of MYP learning emphasized at AMS include the following: (1) learning how to learn, (2) learning in context, and (3) engaging with local and global communities. Click on the presentations below to see examples of student action made possible through these appoaches to teaching and learning. 

    (1) Learning How to Learn

    (2) Learning in Context

    (3) Engaging with Local and Global Communities

Community Project

  • Eighth-grade students at Annapolis Middle School have an opportunity to engage in service as action through the MYP Community Project, also known as the AMS CHANGE Project. This long-term project, conducted either individually or in groups, allows students to create their own service initiative to make positive change in a local or global community. For more information, visit the AMS CHANGE Project website, which includes a digital gallery of student presentations from the 2017-2018 school year.