• MYP Subjects & Schedules 

    AMS students attend six periods per day. Four periods are for core classes which meet every day (Language and Literature, Individuals and Societies, Math, and Sciences), while two periods are for encore classes.

    One encore period alternates between two courses. The other encore period rotates between two courses (A/B). This scheduling format allows students to take nine year-long courses in sixth and seventh grade. In those grades, students must take at least one course from all eight MYP subject areas. For their ninth course, students can take a second Arts course, an AVID course, or an ESOL elective. Students who take corrective reading as an encore course use that course to replace Language Acquisition.

    In eighth grade, students attend a Language Acquisition course each day as a fifth core class, leaving only one period for encore rotation (A/B). This means that eighth-grade students take eight year-long courses -- one from each MYP subject area. 


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  • Jeanne Aman
    IB MYP Coordinator

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