• Global Contexts for Learning
    Teachers organize the curriculum through 6 Global Contexts that provide a framework for learning within and across the subject areas. 

    • IDENTITIES AND RELATIONSHIPS: Students explore identity, beliefs and values,  personal health and human relationships. 
    • ORIENTATION IN TIME AND SPACE: Students explore personal histories, turning points in human kind and the interconnectedness of individuals as well as societies.
    • PERSONAL AND CULTURAL EXPRESSION: Students engage in the discovery and expression of ideas as well as reflecting on creativity and the ways in which humans enjoy and appreciate aesthetics.
    • SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNICAL INNOVATION: Students focus on the connections between humans and the environment, and engage in discussions about the impact of scientific advancements.
    • GLOBALIZATION AND SUSTAINABILITY: An in-depth discussion of how all things are connected and the impact of local decisions on the global environment.
    • FAIRNESS AND DEVELOPMENT: Discussions are centered on the relationships between communities, access to equal opportunities, and rights and responsibilities of human kind.


    Program of Study

    Students at Annapolis Middle School take at least one course in each of the eight MYP subject areas during each year of the program. 

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    Individuals and societies 

    Language acquisition 

    Language and literature 


    Physical and health education